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Merit Badge Clinic
The Clinic

The Clinic

Each January since 2007 the Sweet Home Boy Scout Troop leadership has sponsored a merit badge clinic. What we do is check with the young men to determine what kind of merit badges they might be interested in and also check with the Advancement Chair to see which Eagle Required merit badges are needed by the young men who are closing in on the Eagle rank. Then we contact people who would conduct the merit badge class for those merit badges. We schedule our entire church building as this clinic has grown to almost capacity. We also arrange to have some kind of demonstration at lunch to keep the youth interested and occupied. The Advancement Chair makes sure that all the adult leaders are registered with BSA and have received the basic training needed. We usually have a class scheduled for youth to work on the Trail to First Class and teach some of the basic skills needed for advancement in the first three ranks. What we teach is based on what the youth that show up need, so we do not publish a list of what will be taught for that particular course. We are also attempting to institute some Adult Leader Training classes so that more of the leaders in our area can receive the training that they need and want. If you have a leadership training need, please submit the information in a contact form.

For 2015, we have scheduled January 24th 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The information on what classes are offered is to the left!
Location: 1155 22nd Ave Sweet Home, OR 97386

              (Across the street from the Sweet Home High School Football field)

Lunch is scheduled for 12-1PM.
Please have scouts bring a sack lunch as we do not have any provided.
Yes Classes start at 9:00, but we ask you to be there at 8:00 so we can complete the registration process. We verify each scout is registered and provide them with a identification necklace so that the counselors will know that the scouts are signed in and Adults are also registered so we will know which adults are authorized to be present.

Scouts will also be required to tell us who they are leaving with when they sign out and return the identification necklace.

To register for the merit badge clinic, click on the merit badge clinic badges on the left.

To ask further questions about the merit badge clinic use one of the contact forms on the left.

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