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Boy Scout Troop 395

Boy Scout Troop 395

Troop 395 has been connecting the young men of the Sweet Home area with the outdoors and providing them with hands-on leadership training for over 50 years.

The main Adult Scout Leaders for Troop 395 are: Scoutmaster, 11-Year-Old Scout Leader (1st year scouts), Committee Chair and Chartered Organization Representative. Additional leaders are selected as needed to fill more Assistant Scoutmaster and Scout Committee positions. The Assistant Scoutmasters ensure two deep leadership with the young men to meet the requirements of youth protection and assist the Scoutmaster what ever he neds to accomplish. The additional committee positions help the Committee Chair to do the administrative tasks that would otherwise take up much of the Scoutmasters time. Our adult leaders receive all the basic scout leader training and are encouraged to seek the higher levels available through the scouting program. The Chartered Orgnaniztion Representative provides a liason between the troop and the chartered organization. Providing clarification and direction for the needs of both organizations.

Our Scoutmaster provides basic training to the Youth leadership. We encourage our youth leaders to seek and obtain furhter training through the Council provided courses.

The leadership of Troop 395 believes that training is the key to having a safe and enjoyable scouting program.

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